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Big Brass Blog is a group blog founded in February of 2005 by Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend and Melissa McEwan of Shakesville (formerly Shakespeare's Sister). The mission of this collaborative effort is to stand as the premiere forum where strong, enduring voices of Progressivism provide what liberal politics has been missing: the unapologetic, unrelenting voice of liberalism in the darkness visited upon our world by Right-wing extremists, their ruinous policies, and their hypocritical beliefs.

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07 September 2012

Mircea Eliade on the Terror of History

by: Peter of Lone Tree

When man contemplates history, AS IT IS, he is forced to realize that he is in the iron grip of an existence that seems to have no real care or concern for his pain and suffering. Over and over again, the same sufferings fall upon mankind multiplied millions upon millions of times over millennia. The totality of human suffering is a dreadful thing. I could write until the end of the world using oceans of ink and forests of paper, and never fully convey this terrible condition in which mankind finds his existence.

The beast of arbitrary calamity has always been with us. For as long as human hearts have pumped hot blood through their too-fragile bodies and glowed with the inexpressible sweetness of life and yearning for all that is good and right and loving, the sneering, stalking, drooling and scheming beast of "real life" has licked its lips in anticipation of its next feast of terror and suffering. Since the beginning of time, this mystery of the estate of man, this Curse of Cain has existed. And, since the Ancient of Days, the cry has been: "My punishment is greater than I can bear!"

From Adventures With Cassiopaea
23 August 2012

Quote of the Day

by: Peter of Lone Tree

“There are periods in the life of humanity, which generally coincide with the beginning or the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture. Such periods of mass madness, often coinciding with geological cataclysms, climatic changes, and similar phenomena of a planetary character, release a very great quantity of the matter of knowledge. This, in turn, necessitates the work of collecting this matter of knowledge which would otherwise be lost. Thus the work of collecting scattered matter of knowledge frequently coincides with the beginning of the destruction and fall of cultures and civilizations.” -- George Ivanovich Gurdjieff
22 August 2012

"Everything interested me but ultimately nothing satisfied me.....the canon was not all that interesting."

by: Peter of Lone Tree

The Forbidden Book: An Interview with Guido Mina di Sospiro
18 August 2012

Are they talking about amerikka?

by: Peter of Lone Tree

After years of vicious sectarian strife between [republicants and demicrumbs], individual cases are increasingly coming to court. But justice suffers because lawyers are an easy target in a country where rule of law remains weak, [party] loyalties take precedence and sectarian armed groups still operate.

he narrowly escaped death when three shots were fired at his car last year
16 August 2012

Hunger and other killers

by: Peter of Lone Tree

"More than 840 MILLION people on the Earth suffer from hunger. That's about three times the population of the entire USA. This is chronic, persistent hunger, which kills 24,000 people every day, or over 8 million each year. Three of four who die from starvation are younger than five years old.

"According to the Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century, during the past 100 years there have been approximately 2 BILLION deaths (including civilians) resulting from war, tyrannical governments, and man-made famine. When these figures are broken down into deaths caused by Communism vs. Capitalism, they are almost equal, with the figures slightly higher for Capitalism which may surprise some people."
13 August 2012

Every generation, blames the one before...

by: Father Tyme

25 July 2012

Victims of the New System

by: Father Tyme

Maybe it wasn't just us.

In a decrepit apartment somewhere in St. Petersburg...a number of years ago.

Natasha: “You know, Boris, was thinking other day why Soviet Union is no more.”

Boris: “ Ah, Tovarisch, you should be careful what you think. What conclusions have you?

Natasha: “Boris, I have been wondering if gospoda Khruschev, Brezhnev and Chernenko weren’t really American Imperialist Capitalists. Look what they did to Mother Russia.
In trying to compete with Imperialist Dogs in expensive Cold War, they put all our rubles into military programs designed to protect us from Yankee Aggression. All rubles taken from people of Soviet Union in name of national defense. Phooey!
Military got more: people got long bread lines, shortages of everything…no toilet paper, no blue jeans, no food, no heat. But military got good food, warm clothes and toilet paper.

Boris: “But Natasha, you were safe from Imperial Aggression then, nyet? Comrades in charge kept you safe even if you had to sacrifice a little!”

Natasha: “A little? Boris, you drink too much Vodka! We sacrifice almost everything for glorious defense of Holy Mother Russia. But people can’t eat bullets. And when too much was finally spent on the military and business to make us safe, there were too many of us starving and freezing to do anything while those in Kremlin lived well. Too soon, everything too big to deal with and things fell apart.”

“But you were safe…”

Natasha: “Safe from what, Boris? The Americans…or the Kremlin? Or KGB? I don’t remember Americans attacking us. Why did we have to take so much from the people to build military? And Boris, we really lost all in Afghanistan. Now was that worth it? No? Who got rich in that war? Not us. Just big shots. Russian boys died...for what? Power for leaders?”

Boris: “Natasha. Afghanistan was invaded to protect Soviet Union from crazies there. We could have won if we just spent more rubles!”

Natasha: “No, Boris. Too many rubles were spent on the war not enough on Russian people. Leaders didn’t care about Russian people…only making sure their comrades made money”

Boris: “Didn’t care about the people? Look what we have because of this; free elections, we can voice our dissent over issues comrades in Kremlin make; travel to other Russian States only requires modest papers now…”

Natasha: Phooey, Boris. Trains don’t run like they used to. Airplanes are joke. Can you afford petrol? Our children can’t even go to university because it costs too much. Just try to get visa to visit Europe or Japan. Take off shoes and hats in case? Requirements are worse than under Stalin!
Free elections? Who running? Putin? Who else? Nobody! Is no choices…ever! Voting? Don’t make me laugh. You believe all Russians voting for same man? Is bridge over Volga you should buy!”

Boris: Natasha! Shhh! You don’t want say things like that. Neighbors will think you are unpatriot, rebel and police could come to ask you questions or take you away…forever maybe! Maybe send you to other countries! Shhh! Not so loud and don’t say things like that on phone or net. Someone could be listening.”

Natasha: “Boris, where you been? They are already listening and watching… to protect us from other bad people, they say.”
No, Boris. Things have gotten much worse since Communism was replaced. We have become where only – only business and government are important.
Can’t you see what has happened to our way of life when government cares more for military and business than us? This is not going to get better, either; more laws are made to keep us safe but letting business steal our hard earned rubles without laws; more restrictions on way those of us without rubles live. More government and state control than old days! Oh, Boris, it’s alright if you have wealth, you can do what you want. But when you have nothing, when all is taken from you, when you lose your job, your home, your health, what can you do but die? And do you think politburo cares about you? Nyet!”

Boris: “But Natasha. Is always hope! Hope that things will change and we will get back all that we lost.”

Natasha: “Da, Boris. Keep thinking like that, Isn’t that how we got where we are – hoping for change when those in power want more power: don’t want to lose their power; don’t want to share the wealth like Marx said? No, Boris. Our leaders are becoming too much like Capitalists we were warned about.”

Boris: “But Natasha. What can we do?”

“I dunno, Boris.Maybe we can move to America?”


"For All We’re Worth and in Every Way We Can"

by: Peter of Lone Tree

A New Declaration

~ Derrick Jensen

"We hold these truths to be self-evident:

"That the real, physical world is the source of our own lives, and the lives of others. A weakened planet is less capable of supporting life, human or otherwise.

"Thus the health of the real world is primary, more important than any social or economic system, because all social or economic systems are dependent upon a living planet.

"It is self-evident that to value a social system that harms the planet’s capacity to support life over life itself is to be out of touch with physical reality.

"That any way of life based on the use of nonrenewable resources is by definition not sustainable.

"That any way of life based on the hyper-exploitation of renewable resources is by definition not sustainable: if, for example, fewer salmon return every year, eventually there will be none. This means that for a way of life to be sustainable, it must not harm native communities: native prairies, native forests, native fisheries, and so on.

"That the real world is interdependent, such that harm done to rivers harms those humans and nonhumans whose lives depend on these rivers, harms forests and prairies and wetlands surrounding these rivers, harms the oceans into which these rivers flow. Harm done to mountains harms the rivers flowing through them. Harm done to oceans harms everyone directly or indirectly connected to them.

"That you cannot argue with physics. If you burn carbon-based fuels, this carbon will go into the air, and have effects in the real world.

"That creating and releasing poisons into the world will poison humans and nonhumans.

"That no one, no matter how rich or powerful, should be allowed to create poisons for which there is no antidote.

"That no one, no matter how rich or powerful, should be allowed to create messes that cannot be cleaned up.

"That no one, no matter how rich or powerful, should be allowed to destroy places humans or nonhumans need to survive.

"That no one, no matter how rich or powerful, should be allowed to drive human cultures or nonhuman species extinct.

"That reality trumps all belief systems: what you believe is not nearly so important as what is real.

"That on a finite planet you cannot have an economy based on or requiring growth. At least you cannot have one and expect to either have a planet or a future.

"That the current way of life is not sustainable, and will collapse. The only real questions are what will be left of the world after that collapse, and how bad things will be for the humans and nonhumans who come after. We hold it as self-evident that we should do all that we can to make sure that as much of the real, physical world remains intact until the collapse of the current system, and that humans and nonhumans should be as prepared as possible for this collapse.

"That the health of local economies are more important than the health of a global economy.

"That a global economy should not be allowed to harm local economies or land bases.

"That corporations are not living beings. They are certainly not human beings.

"That corporations do not in any real sense exist. They are legal fictions. Limited liability corporations are institutions created explicitly to separate humans from the effects of their actions—making them, by definition, inhuman and inhumane. To the degree that we desire to live in a human and humane world—and, really, to the degree that we wish to survive—limited liability corporations need to be eliminated.

"That the health of human and nonhuman communities is more important than the profits of corporations.

"We hold it as self-evident, as the Declaration of Independence states, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it. . . .” Further, we hold it as self-evident that it would be more precise to say that it is not the Right of the People, nor even their responsibility, but instead something more like breathing—something that if we fail to do we die.

"If we as a People fail to rid our communities of destructive institutions, those institutions will destroy our communities. And if we in our communities cannot provide meaningful and nondestructive ways for people to gain food, clothing, and shelter then we must recognize it’s not just specific destructive institutions but the entire economic system that is pushing the natural world past breaking points. Capitalism is killing the planet. Industrial civilization is killing the planet.

"Once we’ve recognized the destructiveness of capitalism and industrial civilization—both of which are based on systematically converting a living planet into dead commodities—we’ve no choice, unless we wish to sign our own and our children’s death warrants, but to fight for all we’re worth and in every way we can to overturn it."

Derrick Jensen via HecateDemeter
14 July 2012

Like the Book!

by: Father Tyme

09 July 2012

Whew! Thank you Fatherland!

by: Father Tyme

If you can read this, then maybe you haven’t been scared into the biggest scam since Y2K!

Don’t get me wrong, the furor over the ID Bug that “threatened to shut people off the intertubes” because they had an ad virus probably did happen; just maybe not to the extent and fear mongering Those Who Watch spread like herpes at a carnival kissing booth.

That as many as “200,000 computers worldwide” (out of what, hundreds of millions?) would lose their internet service at midnight last may have been a concern, it also allowed the Federal Business of Internet Investigators to log billions and billions and trillions and trillions (sorry Carl!) of IPs of SAPs (Stupid American Public) along with other WIIs (World Internet Idiots) courtesy of faux induced rampant paranoia.

How many have lost their internet service because of this MOTU scam compared to the tremendous increase in data they have gathered on everyone who checked the special site to see if their computer was infected with this “worse than blue death” viral attack? The jury’s still out but reports so far indicate no more than the usual incompetency normally found with newbies and dweebs and more than a handful of baggers and Wingunts and assorted handwringers on the net at any time.

Are you one of the people who had your IP registered with the Feds thinking you were checking your computer “just to see if it had this pseudo mythical problem?” If so, I understand that bridge in Brooklyn is still available at a good price…as is a lot of land in Florida (although why ANYONE would want to live in Scott’s demesne is beyond rationality).

Maybe the threat was real. Maybe it was meant to be real…by whomever. In any case, since we haven’t had any colored alerts from the Fatherland recently (no shoe threats, no chemical concerns, no subway/airplane/railroad scares) those who watch needed something to make sure the SAPs and WIIs didn’t become too comfortable. Because if they all get to the point where they stop fearing the Powers That Be, someone might just decide to create another major disaster to put us all in our place.

Congratulations to all who participated in the latest Fed approved intervention of privacy. I would imagine everyone who checked in should very soon be receiving a lot of new offers from businesses they never heard of before, including even more ads for Viagra. And of course, you are all being “protected” by Those Who Watch since you’re now on record along with your IP. In fact, you’re so protected that anything you do on the net now will be watched by those who pretend to be concerned. Be careful in your choice of words to your email buddies; to your facelessbook friends; to your DLs from those Red Fruit Tunes and to anyone you “ring up” on your tampod or other communication device.

Fatherland’s big Mother is worried about you, I’m sure (absolutely and I mean that - no sarcasm, right?)…and what you do; and what you say; and where you are; and where you go; and what you buy; and what you believe.

Nice of them to go to the expense and trouble to keep you free. Nice of you to cooperate with them since obviously you have nothing to hide!

Ciao, baby!
18 June 2012

Quote of the Day:

by: Peter of Lone Tree

"If Greeks go to polls and it shakes the World Economy, do you think the United States will have to go in and blow them up for not voting in someone who stabilizes the World Economy? It's total nincompoopery. The World Economy is an illusion based on puppeteering anymore. It's held together cause we keep going to the store for our processed intake. It's held together by the dull humdrum of our chemical lobotomized selves going back in forth reacting with fear, being good consumers, holding up the illusion that all is well."

Article: "Greek vote to keep tensions high on Wall Street"
25 May 2012

The article by Konagod was on the money.

by: Father Tyme

Why do they "need" all the money they can stuff down their throats or up their asses? Probaly the same reason the nearly extinct middle class and disappearing upper middle class needed to keep up with the Joneses, thanks in large part to businesses who play people against each other.

I understand why you get upset. Something else bugs me right now, although I'd be hard pressed to find a period these last 10 years when there was any time I wasn't bugged. But I digress.

If someone on the net or in print or on TV (Righteous Right excluded, of course) makes mouth noises about taking matters into his or her own hands and doling out physical punishment however severe or terminal, that person is investigated, ostracized, ridiculed and many times arrested and sent by wealthy judges for "evaluation." We all know that's a no-no. You can't go around suggesting out loud that someone should be removed from this plane of existence. No sir. You don't do that in a civilized, democratic nation.

However, it's ok for some (you can guess who they are) to quite openly, in the media, suggest that healthcare, food (food stamps), assistance for heating in the winter and the like be taken from these people knowing full well they WILL die if that kind of funding is removed. There must be a difference between the two, but I guess it must not be very important, at least to those who think they still have a chance at the American illusion.

Only when the latter is considered insane, stupid, un-American will we start returning to the way things should be.

We have too many well-to-dos, too many Republican wannabes, too many "good Christians" making decisions of life and death for others...but not themselves or their kind. Until those who aren't allowed to respond in kind start doing in actuality what those in power can say without fear, we will continue as things are until only those in power are left.

But won't that be sweet? Once there are no more of "us", the next class war will start. Too bad for those of you making up to a million a year. You'll be the next middle class "those who watch and control" must effectively remove. It should be a hoot. Especially if many of those are bible-thumping, gun-toting nationalists who won't for the life of them understand what they did to deserve the disdain and contempt of the new order of the "upper classes."

Maybe some of us WILL survive long enough to enjoy their new, deserved misery.

Oh and the single comment to Kona's article was priceless! Couldn't have been written better!

06 May 2012

Let's Talk Money, Honey!

by: Konagod

I am already so weary of this so-called "class warfare" thing going on in our political discourse.

For the purpose of what I have to say on the matter, let's remove from the table any discussion of tax rates, what's fair vs. not fair, whether the rich should pay a higher percentage than those at the poverty level, etc.

OK, let me say one thing and THEN we'll take it off the table. The debate at least has some merit. I understand why some people with a rather narrow view might think it's so unfair that someone making $5 million a year is taxed at a higher rate than a family of four trying to get by on $25,000 a year...or less. If you are in the camp that believes everyone, regardless of income, should pay a flat tax of 10% because it's "fair", I think you are full of shit. As soon as a tax rate starts to take basic necessities of life away, then it's too high and unfair.

Someone working minimum wage, or two minimum wage jobs, and trying to support a child while being taxed is going to be forced to do without something basic, and adequate food will quite likely be one of the many sacrifices.  Anyone making $100,000 probably isn't going to need to skip a meal due to finances even at a higher tax rate. Depending on where they live, the yacht might have to wait, but so be it.

Now let's just focus on income rather than tax rates. What do you suppose would be the reaction if the top 3% of our school teachers -- the best of the best -- were being paid $300,000 or $400,000 a year? There would be an uproar the likes of which we'd never heard coming from the right, center, and probably even from some on the left. What about the best of the police? (The ones who aren't out using their clubs and teargas to suppress people exercising freedom of speech.) And what about nurses and firefighters?

I can't think of a single ordinary job description which doesn't have some kind of salary range which everyone accepts without question. We all know the kid at the Pizza Hut probably isn't hauling in 70-grand a year no matter how hard he or she might be working, or how great they are at what they do.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate with my career in advertising (despite my current unemployment). I've always known the positions I've held in the industry were critical for the success of the organization and the client base. If I failed to get creative materials to a media outlet in a timely manner, the advertising campaign could be jeopardized. Having been a media buyer for 12 years, I know that if I don't secure the time slots on desired networks, the commercials will not be seen.  And not to strictly toot my own horn, I also know the commercials themselves have to be compelling enough to get a certain number of average television viewers to pick up the phone or go to the website and order the can't-live-life-without-it widget for $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping.  If they don't, then it doesn't even matter how well I do my part.  No money coming in means I don't have a job, even if I'm the best damn media buyer on the planet.  So thank you creative directors and producers everywhere!

I have worked as hard as anyone in the industry and have played my part in generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue for agencies and clients. A lot of profits have been made as a result of my efforts.

All that being said, my compensation has always been salaried with a small percentage of my salary coming as a bonus some years. And by small percentage, I'm talking 10% maximum and as an overall average through the years more like 3%-5%. Regardless of how much revenue I generate or how much profit a client might make as a result of my efforts, I know as a media buyer that I will never make $500,000 a year, nor should I.

I have made as little as $43,000 and as much as $88,000. Those salaries, particularly the latter, would be seen by many people as wonderful and I never took it for granted. The advertising industry is not what I would call stable work and that $88,000 salary lasted less than a year and was followed by 5 months of unemployment and then by a job paying half as much!  Worth noting also is that the highest salary I earned did not come with any benefits whatsoever.  It was freelance work.  No medical, no dental, no paid vacation.

Perhaps because of my experience, and a constant awareness that I've been doing OK because somebody...a LOT of people who might not be doing as well as I am have been ordering a bunch of stuff they see on TV and therefore I knew where my money was coming from ultimately.  I, along with everyone else in these organizations, are making a living thanks to people buying mops, steam-cleaners, hideous knives which are guaranteed to send x number of people to emergency rooms, food dehydrators, hand blenders, appliances which catch on fire after 3 uses, robots to vacuum your floor, 935 different devices to make you thin or have awesome abs, ladders, woks, drills, paint appliers, paint removers, pasta makers, chicken rotisseries, cat piss odor suppressors,  zit removers, teeth whiteners, breath fresheners, memory enhancers, spray-on hair for bald spots, "gold" colored coins being marketed as "investments" that have a fucking fleck of real gold in them worth about 80 cents, and wealth-building methods which, if successful, God-forbid you should pay more in taxes!  And let's not forget pills that make your dick hard so you can always be ready to fuck on a moment's notice.  (Make sure you have health insurance because if that boner lasts more than four hours you need to see a doctor right away!)

Yep, I've always known who butters my bread.

I also take it to the next level.  I look at corporate profits.  Let's take the Waltons for instance.  No, not John, Olivia, John-Boy, Mary Ellen and the rest of them.  I'm referring to the other, slightly more fortunate Walton family....the ones worth about $93 billion, give or take a little, thanks to a thriving chain of retail outlets selling lots and lots of people even more cheap shit than I can fathom. 

I am trying to imagine how anyone makes money that isn't somehow, directly or indirectly, made possible by consumers like us going out and buying stuff.

On a side note, I do appreciate it when someone like Alice Walton comes along and decides to give a little something back
to the local community, I don't see that happening nearly enough, and
she still could have, and probably would have, if she'd paid 5% more in
tax on those billions.  But hey, museum admission is FREE thanks to Wal-Mart! 
God bless them.

When I was a child, I remember being able to put 5 cents in a vending machine and getting a cold Coca-Cola in a bottle.  A gallon of gasoline was less than 50 cents and some dude would come out and fill your tank, check your oil, and clean your windows!  With a smile on his face (sometimes).  Back in those days, if you mentioned that you'd bought something made in China you'd probably have been branded a red communist on the spot.

Thanks to corporate greed, it's hard to find an American flag decal for your Hummer that isn't made in China.  And this is where I start to come unhinged.

We pay the same or more for the same products as we did a few years ago when those products were made in North America or even Europe.  Manufacturing jobs vanished as corporations hauled their production to countries where wages are pennies compared to dollars.  Corporations are doing great as a result of these and other tactics aimed at maximizing income and pleasing their shareholders.

As an example I love to use Ray Irani, CEO of Occidental Petroleum, who in 2010 had a salary of $1,191,667.  Not bad.  I'm not sure there's a man or woman on the planet who is actually worth that kind of money, but hey.  I'm sure he has a family to feed just like most other working Americans.  And I'll bet his mortgage payment is a bitch.  So I don't begrudge him for it.   Really, I don't.  I'm sure he hates long meetings and conference calls as much as the rest of us do.

However, I do know that salaries like that are made possible, and only made possible, because people like us are buying shit or services.

But here's the real kicker.  Mr. Irani can certainly survive quite well on that salary.  He might have to make some conservative adjustments here and there.  He might have to save up for 7 or 8 years before he can afford to buy his yacht.  I have no idea what his living arrangements are but it might be rough if he wants a 10,000 square foot home in Los Angeles, even in Compton (if there is such a thing as a home that large in Compton).  Maybe he'd have to settle for 4,000 square feet.  Hey, life's tough and we have to manage it.

But he doesn't just make $1,191,667.  Mr. Irani also raked in a little extra as a bonus in 2010:  $32,975,000 to be precise.

OK, I'll be totally honest here.  I just lost any fucking compassion I might have had over his cost of housing dilemma.   Or how long he might have to wait before he gets his goddamn yacht.  Before all of you start screaming "but...but...what if, like you, he had a rough year in 2009 and only made half of what he was making in 2010!", let me finish.  I'm not done yet.

Also in 2010, Mr. Irani got some stock and options to, you know, help pad his condition a little more just in case he might have been irresponsible in some way and squandered $10 or $20 million after too much rum punch at a black tie gala.  That bumped him up another $40,250,000.  But maybe we shouldn't even count that... it's all just on paper for now.

Total compensation package for 2010:  $76,107,010.

If my 2010 bonus alone, as a percentage of salary had been that much, I would have been given an extra $1,660,279.30 for my superb contributions to the advertising agency.  I would have told them they were out of their minds (after waiting to be sure the check was going to clear the bank).  And then I would have promptly resigned because (a) that's just insane business behavior, (b) it seems unsustainable and would put me under incredible pressure to live up to that value, and (c) I could easily retire very comfortably on that sum.

Now you know why I love using Mr. Irani as my example.  He's not even the top dog in the CEO pyramid for 2010.  That honor goes to the head of Viacom who edged him out by about $8 million. That's OK though because they did OK too based on 2nd quarter financial reports just released on May 3rd. Believe me, that 8:30 AM conference call on Friday was probably worth attending!

In light of all this I totally understand where Mitt Romney is coming from.  These are his people and his world.  And in their eyes it's just not fair that a majority of us want them to pay a higher tax rate than a Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez trying to make ends meet by pressing out tortillas in Tyler, Texas all day so they can afford to fill up their tanks at the Exxon station on the way to Wal-Mart or Kroger to buy shit for their kids to eat for dinner.

There's just a couple of things I do not understand.  At what point does executive compensation become immoral?  How much is too much?  Do we draw the line at $100 million a year?  And why would anyone in their right mind want or expect to be compensated that much in one year anyway?  It's almost more money than any human could possibly spend unless they want to go the extra mile and do something crazy like...I dunno... what?  Buy an election?  Control the entire political process?  You tell me.

One of the joys in life in setting realistic financial goals and reaching them;  $70 or $80 million a year kinda takes the fun out of that aspect.  Maybe I'm just a little too sensitive because if I was raking in $2 million a year I'd be running a kick-ass food bank or something instead of trying to figure out where my next $60 million was coming from and whether all the liberal socialists were going to jack up my tax rate because of some podunky thing like our educational system falling apart, roads and bridges needing repair, water systems in dire need of updating, and preparing ourselves to be technological stand-outs in the fucking 21st century which, by the way, is already 12% behind us while we squabble over marriage equality and the evils of reefer, both of which will surely, sooner or later, rip apart our moral fiber and destroy our civilization.

But what truly blows my mind to shreds are not the Mitt Romneys of the world, or the people making so much money it can't possibly be spent on any personal "needs" without appearing to be a complete and total self-absorbed prick with horrific taste in chandeliers.  If a family of 8 could live comfortably in your master bath and walk-in closet, you might need to take a step back and self-evaluate.

What I'm throwing my hands in the air about are the people like you and I, who are making $25k a year, $50k a year, $75k a year and are actually having to feed and educate their children, and keep them clothed, and look after their health care needs, make sure the mortgage payment is sent in on time,  try to sock a little back for unexpected emergencies, and plan for retirement, all of which are generating more wealth for those corporations who control this system, while these very struggling people simultaneously weep these ridiculous tears that it would be so unfair to tax the rich at a higher rate than anyone else, and because those of us who are actually blessed with a functioning conscience, we must be Marxists and anti-American.  (Or French.)

I am not a Christian but all of this is enough to make me wish Jesus would come back right this instant and yank so many of his followers' heads out of their asses.  But I have a hunch we're just going to have to let this play out, and the ride is not going to be one of joy.

Thanks for listening, and Vive la France!

14 April 2012

The Truth Is...

by: Peter of Lone Tree

"The Truth is that The Bible is: A Collection of Writings of Unknown Date and Authorship Rendered into English From Supposed Copies of Supposed Originals Unfortunately Lost." -- M. M. Mangasarian

Who Wrote The Bible
07 April 2012

Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident

by: Peter of Lone Tree



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